About Dreamtime Technologies

Dreamtime Technologies Pty Ltd was established in Australia by a team of scientists with many years of experience in the development of membrane technologies for separation operations in the food, brewing, mining, desalination, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, aquaculture and wastewater treatment industries.

The company holds several patents on technologies that are able to provide solutions to separation problems that have previously prevented many industrial operations from achieving their full potential. A skilled team is able to assess client’s needs and refer these to the technical section for determination of the most cost effective solution of the problem in hand.

Company operation is based on the premise that there is a membrane solution for every separation problem. In some cases the solution to the problem is a hybrid process involving a Dreamtime process in combination with another established membrane technology such as reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF) or microfiltration (MF). The company maintains a strong liaison with the manufacturing sector to ensure the timely production of high quality, fully automated industrial plants.


Our Mission

To provide customized, innovative & integrated solutions to complex industrial separation problems which are both cost effective and environmentally responsible.


Our Vision

To assist the industry in creating a more livable planet using the membrane technology to create a healthier, cleaner environment.