Removal of Ammonia in the Food Industry


industrial wastewater2




Ammonia solutions used for rinsing purposes in the food industry require treatment after use to meet discharge regulations.PCR has been used to reduce the ammonia concentration in sausage skin rinse water from 500 ppm to less than 10 ppm to satisfy that requirement.










Dreamtime Technologies have conducted a full scale commercial demonstration of the ammonia removal and recovery technology at an Australian prawn farm. The target was to treat 150,000 L/day hatchery effluent water to maintain the ammonia concentration at levels which were not toxic to prawns (< 0.5 mg/L).

The membrane technology was proven to be not only highly efficient at selectively removing ammonia from sea water (ca. 35,000 mg/L salt concentration) but also extremely fast acting with target ammonia/ammonium concentrations obtained within an hour of treatment commencement.


ammonia concentration